Outsourcing Your Kindle Publishing Business

In this post I will teach you the correct way to outsource and scale your Kindle Publishing Business. I’m a big believer of learning the process before you outsource the work to someone else. This is why I believe the best way to scale your Kindle business is in 3 steps/levels progression. Below I’ll go into more detail and describe each level.

Level 1: Kindle Publishing Beginner

This is for the people just getting started with Kindle Publishing. What I recommend for people to do is to use a website like Ewritersolutions.com to outsource their ebook creation jobs to. Also I recommend that people in level one use Fiverr to order their book covers. The reason I feel this is the best Idea is because it give the beginner the chance to learn the process. Which includes Finding a profitable niche, Getting reviews for your book. finding high quality keywords, etc…. Now we will move onto level 2!

1.Ebook Writing (www.Ewritersolutions.com)

2.Cover Design (www.Fiverr.com)

Level 2: Kindle Publishing Intermediate Level

This is someone who has published 15 books or more and has mastered the process of  finding a profitable niche, How to publish their books to kdp, Getting book reviews, Keyword reasearch, etc.


Now that you understand the entire process it’s time to start putting your team together. This means hiring your own “in house” writers and graphic designer. This will allow you to lower your costs and teach you how to manage a team. After you hire a writing team and graphic designer you want to get a team of people getting that acquire you review exchanges. This will free up a ton of your time and moves you one step closer to outsourcing the entire process.

Jobs to Outsource

1.Ebook Writing

2.Cover Design

3.Acquiring Review Exchanges

Level 3: Kindle Publishing Master

After you’ve published around 50 books your going to want to move to level 3. Level 3 to when you hire a Kindle Project manager to run your entire Kindle Business for you. The Kindle Project manager does everything for you. I personally train my project manager to be able to do everything as good as I do. I make sure that my project manager runs all of the important information by me before publishing new content. See below for a list of the jobs I give to my project manager.


Kindle Project Manager:


1.Manage Writing Team

2.Manage Review Team

3.Upload Books to KDP

4.Set and Manage Book Promotions

5.Find Profitable Niches and Order new books


I hope this post helped you see the right progression for outsourcing your Kindle Publishing business.