Why People Fail at Kindle Publishing

I have been publishing on Kindle for over a year and have ran into a lot of different people who just simply aren’t succeeding. I’ve been able to narrow it down to a few core things that lead these people to failure. So use this information and don’t make the same mistakes.


Number 1 Mistake!

Bad niches

People just pick stupid topics to make books in. I’ve seen a book titled “How to Fart”….Yes this is a real book someone made. So I guess what I’m trying to say here is do your market research don’t just pick something you think is profitable, do some research look at what topics are selling check the competition, just do something. This and this alone will more than double your sales on kindle.


Number 2

Ugly Covers

If you go on Amazon and you look at some of the Kindle book covers you’ll see that there’s a lot of really bad covers out there. This is a big reason people don’t sell books! If you have an ugly cover what does that say about the inside of your book? Plus 80% of the purchases you are getting on your ebooks are impulse buys and what do they look at when they find your book? The cover!


Number 3

Choosing Bad Keywords

When you’re uploading your book to kdp you are able to assign 7 keywords to your book. Most people just throw in random words here and then think nothing of it. Well i’m here to tell you that this is a huge missed opportunity. What you need to do is research what words are popular in your niche or topic. This will ensure that people are actually looking up your keywords. This practice alone will dramatically increase sales


if you learn from these 3 mistakes you will see your kindle sales increase dramatically.


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