My 2016 Goals!

Hey Guys!
I wanted to let you guys know what my goals are for 2016! I also want to challenge you to set your own goals and put them somewhere you’ll look everyday. I set a copy of them on my work desk šŸ˜‰
Please let me know what you think of my goals and if you have any recommendations I’d love to hear your thoughts :).
  • I will Travel and Live in another country for at least 3 months in 2016
  • I will Be the biggest action taker you know by always going above my own expectations for myself
  • I willCreate Selective Blindspots and renforce them with real life reference experiences (Listed below)
  • I will Shatter 10-20 Comfort Zone Challenges list below
  • I will Weigh 165 at 7% Body Fat
  • I will Read/Listen to 1 Book Every 2 weeks (26 books a year)
  • I will Go through 6 courses and document my experiences
  • I will Get a new car
  • I will do my second 30 day minimalist challenge
  • I will Build an email list of 20,000+ by December 31 2016
  • I will Share all of my traveling experiences with my followers
  • I will Create a better opt-in page and find ways to help more people
  • I will Post 1-2 blog posts per week
  • I will Post 4 amazing videos per week on my youtube that help people reach their potential
  • I will have Over 20,000+ youtube subscribers that love my content
  • I will Create a Free Facebook Mastermind group that helps people make money online and achieve their potential in all areas of their lives
  • I will Release 5 Kindle books I wrote in 2016
  • I will Create 3 new products and services that will be game changing for my followers
  • I will Create and release K-Power Profits 2.0
  • I will Make a course on publishing fiction books
  • I will Create a new successful business and document it along the way so people can watch and learn with me
  • I will Release 2-5 new books per week testing new ideas to stay ahead of all the Kindle trends
  • I will Re purposeĀ all of my content to maximize my profits as much as possible
  • I will Build power authorites in different niches while automating the process along the way
  • I will Reach over 20,000 per month solely from Kindle Publishing
  • I willMaster the fiction publishing
E-Writer Solutions
  • I will Average $20,000 a month a gross revenue
  • I will Provide the best content creation service online
  • I will Auto-mate all lower value tasks
  • I will Create a Team of 30+ Writers
  • I will Add at least 3 new products and services to the site
  • I will Update website Eache and every month based on customer feedback