Kindle Publishing: Understanding the Amazon Algorithm

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Using the skills and insight I’ve gained over the last three years through self-publishing, I’ve come up with the perfect formula for KDP success!

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What is the Amazon Algorithm and how does is work?

An algorithm is a procedure or formula for solving a problem.

Amazon, in particular, has its own formula for giving its customers the most relevent results when they search for something on the Amazon website. Amazon created a search engine within its own website to bring up the most relevant content when the customer searches for a product. The cool thing is that Amazon works exactly like Google did five to ten years ago! Not many people realize this, but it’s great information for us, publishers!

Five to ten years ago, Google would take the most relevant information it could find across the internet and rank the websites for which it pulled the information from. It sounds a little complicated, so let me break it down for you. If you had typed the word “lemons” into the Google search bar, it would find a website with the word “lemon” in its name or a site in which the word “lemon” was frequently used. It would then give those websites a high ranking for the search term, “lemons.”

The next question is, how can you use this information to help your publishing business?

Simply by making sure that the title of our books include a smart search term that customers will type into the Amazon search bar when looking for specific content. I’ll use this”Guitar for Beginners” ebook.

Amazon search example

As you can see, when I type the word “guitar” into the search bar, the first two books that are displayed on the results page have the simple title of “Guitar.”

Knowing that a simple title will result in more purchases and exposure can seriously impact your business!

I know that this simple piece of information may not seem so crucial right now, so here are three more pieces of information that will allow you to take full advantage Amazon’s Algorithm.

  1. Amazon automatically ranks new books higher in the search results.

Have you ever noticed that when you release a book, you will get the initial first dozen sales before it quickly drops to almost zero? This is because Amazon wants to help new publishers when they first produce content on their website, so they keep publishing on their platform.

How does this information help us? Since we know our books will be given a high ranking right after publication/being uploaded, we have to make sure we attain as much social proof and free downloads during that significant period of time. This way, our books won’t just fall in the search rankings and stop selling after a few weeks.

  1. Getting social proof, like reviews, tells Amazon that readers like your content, that your books are relevant and useful, and that your products should stay on the top of the first page for the “specific” search term.

  1. Downloads during the free promotional period will tell Amazon how interested their customers are in your book.

Amazon’s Algorithm favors your content when your books have a ton of reviews and downloads. Increased downloads and exposure will tell Amazon that your book deserves a higher ranking for the keywords (your title and the seven words you put into KDP). How do you leverage this information to ensure your books sell? First, you make sure to get as many reviews as you can, giving you a leg up on the competition. Secondly, you make sure that when your book is on free promotion, you get as many downloads as possible.

If you use these tips, there is no reason that you can’t drastically increase your sales! So, take ACTION and make it happen!