Do you set resolutions every year? Are you obsessed with setting goals on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis???

Well, today I want to make the argument that SYSTEMS are better than GOALS!

If you are anything like me, you have a list of your goals on you at all times (I use the Reminder app on my iPhone). But, how does having these goals written down actually help you? First off, it helps you focus on what you want and where you want to go; serving as a reminder to always make progress in everything you do and limiting self-sabotage. The problem is, you have no system in place to actually achieve those goals.


This is why I recommend creating SYSTEMS for all of your goals! Here are just a few examples that I have done in the past:

Goal: I want to make $4000 a month on Kindle Publishing


System: I will publish 2 books per week following this system: (Example)









This same system works for any other goal you have…


Goal: Be at 8% body fat and weigh 165 pounds


System: Follow diet and workout program on a daily, weekly, and monthly Basis.


Systems can be just a unique as your personal goals are. You can create your own method of following through with your goals, so you are taking action every chance you get to achieve your dreams. Many people become discouraged that they are not reaching their goals fast enough, and quickly give up without ever taking initiative. Systems encourage you to constantly reevaluate your lifestyle and daily decisions so you can avoid becoming sidetracked as you pursue your goals.

Hopefully, you understand now that systems make goals achievable and possible in ways that you have never experienced before!

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