10 Ways I’ve Made Money Online

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I Get asked all the time…”Dalton what are all the ways you’ve made money online?”

That’s when I decided to create this video going through 10 of the methods I’ve used and have had success with…

I also wrote a little post below if you would like more information 🙂

10 of the Methods I’ve Used to Make Money Online

1.Kindle Publishing

Kindle publishing was the first online money-making endeavor that I ever used and it completely changed my life. You will find thousands of “money- making” scams and pyramid schemes all over the internet, yet only find a dozen or so methods that are truly legitimate. Kindle publishing jump-started my success and paved the way for all of my online businesses.

Four years ago I started publishing kindle ebooks online and have made dozens of videos about how to use KDP, choosing profitable niches, and generating authentic customer reviews to maximize profit. Kindle publishing is when you publish ebooks on Amazon.com and making a profit from the royalties of your books. Kindle publishing is a great way to generate a passive income, even if you do not have any writing skills.

I outsourced all of my ebooks, which saved me time and helped me to earn more money because I was able to provide high- quality content to Amazon customers. Outsourcing means paying ghostwriters to write your books for you. Kindle publishing is not limited to Amazon, but includes CreateSpace (paperback books) and ACX (audiobooks).

2.Drop Shipping

Drop shipping is when you sell products on sites like Amazon and Ebay at a cheaper price than what a competitor is advertising them for. Basically, you are researching products that are already on another website, and marketing them on the same website for a cheaper rate, but also taking the customer’s order details (like their address) and giving it directly to the manufacturer to send the item directly to their customer’s house.

For example: you buy a lamp on Amazon for $20, and sell it on ebay for $40, at a lower rate than the other lamps are listed on the website for; but still at a price where you will make a profit of $20.

You could also create your own site for drop shipping, where all the traffic you drive to the site will result in maximum profit while eliminating the possibility of competition.


3.E-Commerce Website

Owning an ecommerce site allows you to provide a service or product to a customer and allowing you to attain most of the profit.


Fiverr is similar to an ecommerce site, but instead of being the one providing the service, you are providing the product. When you sell a product or design on Fiverr, you make $4 while the website takes $1 from your profits: Fiverr takes 20% of your sales. You can make money on Fiverr by employing an independent designer or freelancer to do a gig for less than $4.

For example: using a e-book designer to create custom kindle ebook covers for $2 a piece. Then, on Fiverr, pricing the service at $5 so at the end of the day, you make a $2 profit from doing nothing.


5.Email Marketing

Email marketing is very similar to affiliate marketing. You build a list of potential customers that are looking for products or services within a specific niche and providing them with content or goods that they can find useful. Whenever someone from your email list buys a product through the link you provided, you will make a profit from a commission. The best thing about email marketing is that it can be used as a second form of income when paired with just about every other method on this list.



Udemy is a site that allows you to create a publish your own course on just about anything you can think of. I only have one course on Udemy, but the site is quickly gaining attention as one of the most profitable methods for making money online doing something that you love. Udemy is like an Amazon.com, but for courses. If there is something that you are really good at, you simply create a course teaching others how to do it, and then publish it on Udemy. The best thing is that Udemy already markets traffic to the site because they want people to buy the courses they offer. This means less work for you in the long run.



The video site has created dozens of millionaires and stars who have gone on to generate book deals, television shows, and travel the world. YouTube will pay you based on the amount of views you receive on your videos. While their payment is very little, it is still income.


8.Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is when someone purchases a product or service through an affiliate link that you provide them. You can use email marketing and send out an affiliate link to someone else’s product or service and make up to 70% commission from the affiliate’s sales. The bigger your email list is, the more income you will make.



I do kindle coaching, life coaching, and even had my certificate for personal training. You can make a lot of money from coaching. If you are really good at something, people will pay good money to learn from you. If you have a skill or offer a service that you can teach people, you can charge others to learn from you in an efficient way that serves both you and them.



Both businesses and independent contractors are looking for other people to do small tasks for them; such as designing logos, writing blog posts, or designing ebook covers. You can apply to the ad on Craigslist, then use Fiverr to hire freelancers at a cheap rate to complete those project for you. This method requires very little on your part while still allowing you to make a lot of money.

If you’re looking for coaching on any of the methods above feel free to apply to 1 on 1 coaching here