Self-Discipline: The Ultimate Key to Success

If you have ever been good at anything, regardless if it was math or baseketball, is based on one key factor:self-discipline. Self- discipline is the number one factor to achieving success, not just from a business perspective, but in every area of life.


Self- discipline is doing what you have to do, when you have to do it, whether you feel like it or not. From a business- owner’s perspective, I can tell you that  when you are your own boss, there are times when you feel like doing absolutely nothing. While taking a break from working is a great way to recharge and refocus, relaxing can come at the cost of your success.


I don’t have to write blogs, record videos, or coach aspiring entrepreneurs. But, I make a consistent effort almost every day to do at least a few hours of work before rewarding myself with time off. This is because doing the things that I should do to make my businesses succeed when it is necessary, regardless of how I am feeling, drives me to be successful and take my life further than I ever dreamed of.


The truth is that most people don’t succeed with their goals. The greatest example of when self-discipline fails is resolutioners: you see it every year when everyone posts a “new year, new me status.” People become inspired by a quote they see on social media or idea and will feel enough motivation to take action for approximately two days before giving up once again on a dream before actually ever putting in real effort or building enough discipline to make their dreams happen.


If you want your dream body, you need self-discipline to get you there. You have to work for every inch of progress you make. Will you enjoy working out? Most people don’t, and the ones that do (like me) only see the progress they want because they dedicated the time and effort to making going to the gym a habit.


Actively practicing self-discipline is what separates innovators from dreamers. Dreaming only gets you so far. Without action, your dreams will never become a reality. Most people fail because they want instant gratification for the least amount of work possible. They want a reward despite not actually earning it. Self-discipline is about delaying gratification as long as it takes to manifest what you want.


Can you, “do the things today that others won’t do, to have the things tomorrow (in the future) that others won’t have?” (Les Brown).

Self- discipline isn’t just about forcing yourself to do things you don’t want to do, but about making the sacrifices necessary to succeed. When I first started making money online, I put all of my money into it. I lived with very little and dedicated all of my time to generating an online passive income. My life may not have been great, but it felt amazing to make progress and seeing the life of my dreams manifest right before my eyes.


When you are making progress, it doesn’t matter that you’re not eating at five- star restaurants or not driving the newest car. You have to be able to do the work now, to reap the rewards later. If you want to succeed, you have to make the conscious decision to do the things that others won’t do to have the things that others won’t have.


This quote from Les Brown is something that I repeat to myself every day, because you have to do what others won’t do. If you follow in their footsteps, you will never achieve the results you want; you will continue down the same path you’ve always been on and opportunities will continue passing you by.


The issue is that this principle sounds easy, but the difficult part comes with applying it to your life. If you keeping pushing your tasks off until “tomorrow,” then tomorrow will never come. Anyone can say “I’ll do it tomorrow;” in fact, almost everyone does. It takes an innovator, someone who will do whatever it takes to be successful to find success.


Most people don’t have discipline. If you can ingrain self- discipline as a fundamental component of your mindset and actually take action to get shit done, you will pave the way for your own success.


Stop making excuses


Stop putting off your tasks,


Stop sabotaging yourself from attaining the life you want.

Or you’ll never get the amount of success you want.


What my experience, and what most of my coaching is about, is building a solid foundation with a mindset that is completely focused on self- discipline, and action. Here’s a secret: no one is going to do the work for you. Big shocker for everyone out there who wants handouts.